The Best Cat Carrier for Car Travel

Best cat carrier for car trips: safety and comfort

The best cat carrier for car trips is one that makes your cat feel safe and secure and one you feel confident in. It should be spacious enough so that the cat can stand up and turn around freely. Be sure to take the size of your cat into consideration. Good cat carriers are sturdy and well-made. They need to have air holes on the side that let your cat breathe freely and to see outside. A mesh window is a nice feature. The carrier should have lots of air circulation.

There are hundreds of carriers on the market, so good cat carriers for car travel are easy to find.

The carrier should not be made of cardboard, as scared cats can claw out of cardboard carriers.

Having a good cat carrier for car travel is a matter of safety for you and the cat. If a cat is loose in the car it can climb around on the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brakes, and that is not safe.

What to avoid in a car cat carrier…

While some cat carriers have fancy decorations, that’s not needed. They should not have things like trim and feathers your cat can swallow. They should not have parts your cat can tear up. They should not smell like chemicals. If you have bought one that does, let it off-gas outside for a couple of weeks. They should not be small and cramped.

… and what to look for

The best cat carrier for cars is one that has room for a little box and spill-proof water dish. Cats don’t drink from trickle bottles the way some animals do. They should have a sturdy bottom to support the cat’s weight.


The cat carrier for cars should be easy to carry, with comfortable handles. It should not be too heavy. It should be easy to clean with a sponge. The liner in the bottom should stay put so cat hair doesn’t build up there.

Buckle the carrier into the seat belt. Talk to the cat during the trip. Do not make sudden stops unless it’s a matter of safety. Never leave your cat in a hot car.

Eventually most cats will learn that the carrier doesn’t mean the end of the world and they will be more comfortable.


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