Clingy cat? When your cat sticks to you like glue

Why Is My Cat (Suddenly) So Clingy?

Cats go through so many stages, and their behavior patterns tend to change. So it’s important to pay attention to their moods and actions to find out if there’s anything wrong. Most cats have a strong independent streak and need some alone time. Some might even find too much petting annoying. Some pet owners may be surprised when they’ve got a clingy cat, especially when a cat is suddenly clingy when that’s not its normal self.

Clingy vs. demanding cats

On the other hand, some cats are very demanding. They always butt in when you’re busy on your computer or your phone. They nap on your keyboard and scratch their heads on your hardcover book. If you’ve got a Level 1 clinger, here are some things to look for and what you can do about it.

A clingy cat is an insecure cat. She might cry when they need something, eat only under your watch, and lack confidence. but demanding cats are always assertive. You have to feed them when they want, touch them when they want.

We’ve listed a few reasons why your cat may suddenly become clingy. If you realized that a cat who used to be formerly aloof is now growing too attached to you and suddenly requires more attention it’s important to note down these reasons.

Nervousness: Some cats, especially kittens, are tentative and feel defenseless. They might look to you for safety, so it’s essential to assure them and make them feel protected. You can do little things to make them feel safe, like petting them when they jerk in reaction to strange noises, or patting them when you walk past.

Issues Concerning Health: Health issues are most often the problem if your cat who’s usually independent starts needing you to pet it, groom it, and carry it to its food bowl. If your cat suddenly gives up running around and wants to stay in your lap, you should take it to the vet.

New to the Household: Cats who are still adjusting to a new environment might cling to their caregiver. Eventually, they’ll use their paws and learn to roam around on their own.

Rescued Pets: Cats that were rescued might have had a very rough upbringing. They might be fearful or have issues with trusting people. Out of gratitude, they might want to cling to you or just for security till they adapt entirely to living with you.

Threatened by Newcomers: Your cat might want to be territorial and make sure it still has your attention at the appearance of a new pet or human. It might cling to you warn the new pet off, or out of fear especially if it’s threatened by the new pet (maybe bigger pets like dogs). You’ll need to multitask in making sure none of your pets feel neglected while seeing that the new pet adjusts smoothly to its new environment, you also need to assure your cat that you still love them and they’re not being replaced.

Old cat is suddenly clingy

If your senior cat is clingy all of a sudden it could mean her purr-sonality has changed with age. It could also mean separation anxiety, as older cats (and people) can suffer geriatric anxiety. Give your elderly kitty extra love, a warm sleeping spot, and comfort.

If you consider the clinginess bothersome and you’re sure it’s not a health issue here’s a few things to do:

Play with the cat to tire him out. A tired cat will feel that nice post-workout endorphins, which have a comforting, mood-boosting effect.

Reward good behavior with treats. When your cat is not so clingy, praise her and treat her.

Get another cat for company. Your cat may be lonely and need a feline friend.

Make a playpen with interesting toys. Distractions are a good solution for clingy behavior.

Sleep near your cat. If you don’t sleep in the same bed or room with your cat already, let them sleep with you, as well as provide a cozy cat bed in the same room. If you sleep in the same bad and find the cat is too clingy when you’re asleep, you may find they will like the separate cat bed.

Emphasize routine

Cats don’t like change, not one bit, so be sure they’ve got a regular feeding time and can rely on a clean litter box, clean water, and your presence. Their clinginess may be a message to you that you need to be a better mom or dad.




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