Trivial Purr-suit: Fun cat facts

Here’s a clowder of fun cat facts for you to enjoy:

(ps, a clowder is the name for a group of cats. A female cat is a molly or queen).

Cats are born with their sense of smell functioning and it is exceptionally developed by around three weeks old.

Unlike dogs, cats do not own a sweet tooth and can’t taste sweet things.

Cats “talk” with their tails. If a cat flicks its tail it usually means that there’s a complicated dilemma happening within your pet.

Some cats like beer and will even take a taste of citrus fruit, while others recoil at these flavors.

Cats get a mean of 16 hours of sleep each day. Some even sleep 20 hours a day.

Purring isn’t always about happiness. It can be to calm themselves. Cats purr when they’re giving birth, when they’re nursing their offspring, or any time they are sick, wounded or stressed. Purring is involuntary.

Cats are of desert origin.

Cats can hear even the slightest rustle because they have over 20 muscles that control the exterior part of their ear.

They have excellent hearing and night vision. But cats can’t see in complete darkness.

Sailors used to bring cats on ships to catch mice.

They use whiskers to determine the size of objects or openings. Be careful to get a food bowl that doesn’t brush against their whiskers, as this can cause pain. Never trim their whiskers.

Strangely enough, they have an extra organ in their mouths that allows them to taste a scent that is in the air!

When you meet a cat, let them sniff your hand right away. That’s how they “shake hands.”

Cats can be trained at any age with a clicker.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, and we can see why.

Cats are endlessly fascinating and fun. They seem to have a sense of humor as well as nobility. They are pawsome pets.

When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level. Dogs and humans bob their heads up and down.

In fact, cats don’t meow to each other.

They have an extraordinary sense of smell and they know that each cat has his or her own scent.

heir diet has to comprise a good part of meat. They cannot live a full life if you do not feed them with meat, because it contains amino acid (arginine) which is vital for them.

Most cats don’t have any eyelashes.

They are actually lactose intolerant, so cut down on the milk!

They must also have fat in their diet as they are unable to produce it on their own.

They are the most popular animal online by far.

Nearly all calico cats are female due to the genes that control colors.

Female cats are mostly left pawed and male cats mostly right pawed.

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