6 ways to tell if your cat is bored, and 6 feline boredom busters

6 ways to tell if your cat is bored, and 6 feline boredom busters

Is your cat BORED? 6 ways to tell, and 6 ways you can liven up its life

signs your cat is BORED
Oh, the ennui.

Contrary to popular opinion, cats are not lazy, remote animals who like to be left alone to prowl, eat, groom themselves, and take catnaps. Cats are actually very active creatures who need attention and lots of fun activities to keep them engaged. Living with humans, cats don’t get to do their natural thing, which is to hunt. And indoor cats don’t get to explore the smells, textures, and sounds of the outdoors. Yes, cats can get bored if left by their lonesome with nothing to stimulate them. Boredom often goes with loneliness and depression in cats, so be sure you take these signs and symptoms seriously. Below are a few pointers that help you recognize when your cat is bored and what you can do do to liven things up for kitty.

Signs you’ve got a bored cat on your hands:

1 Ruined Furniture: A bored feline will claw at your furniture to amuse itself. You’ll find scratches made by your cat on chairs and couches in an attempt to take out its frustration.

2 Balding: Sure, grooming is normal for cats. But excessive grooming due to boredom is not normal or healthy. It can lead to loss of hair and shedding.

3 Constant hunger pangs: Just like people, cats are prone to emotional eating. Overeating can be a sign of boredom in cats. Hovering around the food bowl shows how little entertainment they have.

4 Attention-seeking: Unusual clinginess from a formerly aloof cat is also a way to detect a bored cat.

Messiness: A cat will revolt by tearing up papers and scratching furniture.

Not using the box. This is a passive-aggressive sign that your cat is fed up with routine.

Note: The above signs can all be indicators of boredom, they could also mean other things such as medical problems, so keep up with the vet appointments.

Here are a few cat boredom busters:

1 Toys: Cats love playing and batting and chasing things. Even something as simple as a cotton ball would be perfect for running after and clawing at. Takes their attention away from your furniture. Cats should have a variety of toys. There are some great interactive cat toys for bored cats.

2 Pretend Hunting: Build little tunnels with cardboards and place rubber mice at the end of each. We all know the cat and mouse relationship.

3 A Room with a View: Staring at the world outside is a great cat boredom buster. Make sure she/he has a comfy perch by a window to watch the action. If it’s doable, allow your cat supervised visits to the garden for some fresh air and rolls in the grass. 4 Grooming: Brushing your cat’s fur or just rubbing them down now and then is an excellent way to battle boredom.

5 Fun Diet: Make mealtime exciting and varied. Always try new, colorful bowls and give your kitty special treats. You might try a puzzle feeder to make eating more fun.

6 Plants for cats. There are quite a few plants and herbs you can grow or get in dried form that are safe for kitties to smell, play with, and nibble. Catnip of course is one, but there are others too that cats can enjoy, such as parsley and rosemary.

We know caring for a pet can be a big job, but it’s a mighty rewarding one. We hope these help you keep a healthy and fun-filled lifestyle for your kitty.

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